Coconut Toothbrush

Coconut responsibly sourced in 2022

What are some other sustainable materials for made toothbrushes?

Not only bamboo, but Coconut Wood is also one of the other sustainable materials.

Coconut is sourced from the coconut palm tree, widely available in Southeast Asia. They’re farmed for the fruit used in popular coconut milk, water, soaps.

But once these trees stop bearing fruit, they’re deemed unusable and chopped down; they’re a wasted by-product of the process.

Each tree that has been felled is replaced by planting a young one. Improved processing and products and growing international demand will generate a continuous supply from this resource. A coconut toothbrush is a sustainable and responsible choice

coconut farm

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The coconut toothbrush has a very eye-catching color. Light redwood with striking black wood grain


Coconut wood is tough; it takes a lot of work to polish it. But in return is a smoothness and high gloss.



Coconut toothbrush is waterproof, speedy drying. It has high mold resistance compared to other types of wood materials


A coconut toothbrush can be used as long as a regular plastic brush. It's suitable for home use, gift

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