Longan wood Toothbrush

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Longan wood comes from the longan tree that grows in tropical climates with a full-grown height of 8-12m. Its fruits are popular in Vietnam.

When Longan trees stop bearing fruit, they will be chopped down. The exciting part about longan wood is that it’s eco-friendly and could be used to make beautiful wooden crafts. Longan wood is a common wood used in chopsticks, spoons, forks.

There are many significant advantages that come with choosing longan wood for toothbrushes. The superior properties of longan wood, such as good durability, water resistance, and smoothly have made it the best choice for natural toothbrushes.

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Longan Wood Toothbrush

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Longan wood has a deep pink color; the wood grain is not apparent, making the longan wood toothbrushes the same appearance


Longan wood is hardwood, but Longan wood is easy to polish. Longan wood toothbrush after processing will be very smooth.



Longan wood is more mold-resistant than bamboo. However, you must still store it correctly after use


Longan wood brushes can be used at home for a long time if properly maintained. The brush is also used as a disposable brush.

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