Who we are

The Eco-Toothbrush is a new brand developed in Jan 2021 by ECO-B Vietnam Ltd, which focuses on the overseas market.

The Eco-toothbrush has set up its manufacturing in Viet Nam, making us the first wooden toothbrush manufacturers here.

Up to now, we have been entirely confident in our ability to provide the best quality products to the market and bring value to the environment and the community.

wooden toothbrush manufacturer

The First Wooden Toothbrush Manufacturers In Vietnam

A lot of people are often searching for the right partner who can help them manufacture their product. Vietnam seems to be a great option as it has cheap labor costs, good infrastructure, and great manufacturing capacity. But at the same time they don’t know which company would be best to choose and what exactly they should look for to make sure that their orders will be produced as they want

our purpose as a corporations

Since the corporation’s inception, the Chairman and the whole team have embraced and pushed towards sustainability. Our mission is to contribute to creating a better society in which each partner may develop and follow their aspirations sustainably.


Sustainability has emerged as a major development objective for us.

This category includes activities that enhance the health, safety, and well-being of employees, customers, and the community as a whole

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